Why Custom Socks Make Great Promotional Products

You're a smart marketer looking for a fun product that can be distributed as an employee, client or vendor gift. Your company has a distinguished brand and wants its promotional products to convey that image.

That means some of the traditional standbys such as T-shirts, caps and calendars are out. Polos could work, but they’re dated and require sizing each recipient.

The answer: custom socks.

A tastefully designed and intricately knitted pair of socks conveys an image that can be fun, youthful, and professional at the same time. And it does so for far less money than other high-end promotional products.

Clients who use custom socks as a promotional tool benefit from their lengthy shelf life. Quality socks aren’t a throwaway item. They’re also comfortable, which means recipients will wear them again and again, giving your brand exposure each time.

Custom socks have many uses as a promotional product. From commemorating a company milestone or product launch, to thank-you gifts at tradeshows—the possibilities to integrate socks into your yearly marketing plan are plentiful.


About the author

EVERSOX is a worldwide supplier of custom branded socks for businesses, retailers, and promotional products distributors — with over 10,000 designs manufactured & 100 major brands served since 2010.