Promote your Startup with Custom Socks

You have a cool website, a blog with a growing list of followers, ample sales leads, and an eye-catching logo. It’s still early in the growth of your company, but business is good.

It’s time to up your marketing and advertising efforts. You need something to drive customers to that website or blog, something to introduce yourself to those leads, and something to affix that awesome logo on besides business cards and stationary.

But you’re not running your father’s (or mother’s) corporation. Handing out t-shirts, pens, or other throwaway trinkets to promote your brand is so 2010. Nobody wears shirts branded “Company A” unless they’re painting their kitchen. And who uses pens anymore when all of our communication is typed into a tablet or smartphone?

You need a unique, attention-grabbing promotional product. But since you’re still in startup mode, you need something to fit within a limited budget.

What you need to promote your hip, young company are custom socks.

If you’re a tech company, marketing with custom socks is a perfect fit. Long before colorful custom dress socks emerged as a trendy fashion accessory, the geek subculture had already embraced them as a fashion staple.

Shirts and hats with your logo emblazoned force people to shill for brands. Young people today don’t want to do that. They’ll support brands, but only subtly. They want brands to offer them something.

A colorful pair of custom socks communicates your intention to engage with the person receiving the socks. You’re not just handing out an unusable item in the hopes people will interact. You’re giving people something they can use, something that makes a statement. You’re making a connection instead of pushing a product. Plus, your prospect will see your brand every time he or she puts them on.

Custom socks offer many choices in colors, designs, and styles. You can affix your logo, product name, website, or even a Twitter hashtag. They’re the ideal promotional product for the next generation of companies and their customers.


About the author

EVERSOX is a worldwide supplier of custom branded socks for businesses, retailers, and promotional products distributors — with over 10,000 designs manufactured & 100 major brands served since 2010.