Communicate your sock design ideas to us easily and quickly, the way you want.

Communicating your sock design idea to us helps ensure our artists create a digital proof to your liking. When requesting a 3D mockup through one of our product pages, here are the methods you can use to communicate your design idea to us:

  • Use our sock template (left) in a format that's most convenient for you
  • Provide a detailed description (no images or artwork necessary)
  • Use your own template if you've already prepared one
  • Attach a photo of a similar product that you want to emulate
  • Call us if you have any questions before submitting your mockup request


The following are general guidelines to follow when you design your own custom socks:

Graphics in cuff area not recommended in custom knitted socks

Graphics in the Cuff

The cuff is the topmost area of a sock, commonly ribbed in appearance and stretchy. Because this area is prone to stretching, it is considered a poor place to put a logo. Most logos are not suitable to be placed in the cuff area (large, simple logos are the exception).

Graphics in heel and toe areas not allowed in custom knitted socks

The Heel and Toe

The heel and toe areas of the sock are where knitting machines perform extra sequences in order to form the pocket-like shapes. Due to this, the machines are unable to perform knit-in designs in these areas. Only use solid colors for the heel and toe areas.

Fine graphics not allowed in custom knitted socks

Detailed Graphics

There are limitations to how detailed your sock design can get. Due to the nature of knit-in designs, very small and complex logos/designs are not suitable for custom knitted socks. Please feel free to contact us before submitting your mockup request if you think this applies to your design.

No gradients allowed in custom knitted socks

Number of Colors

Our machines are able to accommodate up to 6 yarn colors per design. Yarn colors are best communicated to us by using the Pantone solid color formula guide. We will use your provided pantone codes when selecting from the 1000's of yarn colors we have available.


We offer standard sizing from infant to extra large adult sizes, and custom sizing.

Sock size chart

  • Custom sizing available upon request
  • Size "L" is one size for men (fits 90% of men)
  • Size "M" is one size for women (fits 90% of women)
  • Size "OS" is one size for adults (fits 85% of adults)
  • A minimum order of 120 pairs applies to each size


Here are the most common sock lengths we produce. Custom sock lengths are also welcomed.

Custom socks lengths


Falls just below the ankle. Commonly used in athletic socks.


Falls just above the ankle. Commonly used in athletic socks.


Falls about 2 inches above the ankle. Often used in outdoor socks.


Falls just below the calf. Most common sock length.


Falls on the calf. Commonly used in dress socks.


Falls just below the knee. Commonly used in casual socks.


Have your socks delivered with your choice of custom printed packaging. See packaging examples on portfolio page.

Clear polybag


Each pair is individually packed into a clear polybag. Polybags are made from a 2 mil plastic and have a resealable flap. Custom printing on polybags is not available.

Custom printed sock band

Sock Band

Band labels wrap around the middle of each folded pair of socks and are printed on 16pt 2"x9" cardstock.

Custom printed sock tag

Sock Tag

Sock tags fold over the cuff of the sock and are printed on 16pt 2"x6.5" cardstock. Plastic hook for retail display optional.

Custom printed box

Cardstock Box

Boxes can be designed to hold individual or multiple pairs of socks and are printed on sturdy 18pt cardstock.