The right colors are important to your branding & merchandising efforts.

Over 1000 yarn colors available

1000+ In-Stock Yarn Colors

We have the colors you're looking for. Just provide your pantone color codes and we'll do the rest.

  • 1000+ cotton & nylon yarn colors
  • Pantone color code matching

Custom dyeing

Custom Dyeing

Clients with precise color dyeing needs can choose to have custom dyed yarn lots. We dye most types of materials.

  • Yarn dyeing to specifications
  • Available in lots of 25kg per color

Speciality yarn

Specialty Yarns

Need a specialty yarn or blend? We can find what you're looking for within our network of textile suppliers.

  • Marled, space, heather, and nep yarns
  • Available in lots of 50kg per color


Our network of textile suppliers enables you to source almost any material.

Cotton yarn


Cotton is the most commonly used plant fiber in socks and is known for its natural feel. We offer semi-combed cotton in over 500 colors. Premium grades, like combed cotton, are more resistant to pilling and softer to the touch than semi-combed cotton. Premium mercerized cotton has superior durability and a silk-like appearance.

Nylon yarn


Nylon is a versatile synthetic fiber found in most hosiery. Its popularity stems from its excellent stretch and shape recovery properties. In addition to this, nylon fibers are strong, soft to the touch, and light weight. We have over 500 colors available in nylon to produce the most complex knitted designs.

Acrylic yarn


Acrylic is a synthetic fiber commonly blended with wool due to its similar feel and bulk. Acrylic has good heat retention properties and is frequently used in winter socks. Acrylic is an economical fiber for applications relating to cold weather and performance activities.

Merino wool yarn


Animal fibers such as wool, angora, cashmere, and mohair are desired for their thermal regulation properties. Wool fibers have the ability to absorb and lock away high amounts of moisture, making them ideal for use in performance and winter socks. Furthermore, natural chemicals found in wool makes it odor resistant.

CoolMax yarn


Polyester is a synthetic fiber used for its high strength and hydrophobic properties. Polyester is frequently used in high performance sport socks for its ability to wick moisture away from the skin.

Lycra yarn

Other Materials

We've used and offer a wide variety of other materials for sock knitting. These include polypropylene, rayon, spandex, and many engineered and proprietary yarns. If you have special product requirements, please do not hesitate to ask us. Most yarns can be procured with a minimum order of 900 pairs of socks.


Your designs are woven directly into the sock fabric, providing the most aesthetically pleasing and durable customized socks available. We have specialized machinery for every application.

Fine gauge socks knitting machinery


Fine gauge machinery is ideal for dress and casual socks. We use 168 & 200 needle machines for the very best graphics reproduction.

Medium gauge socks knitting machinery


Medium gauge machinery is optimized for sport socks. 128 & 144 needle machines produce thicker socks with good graphic detail.

Heavy gauge socks knitting machinery


Coarse gauge machinery is suitable for specialty socks and winter socks. 96 & 108 needle machines produce thick, protective socks.


Have your products delivered in bulk or ready for distribution with our packaging options.

Sock packaging

  • Capable of producing fully-customized packaging
  • Large-scale & short-run printing machinery
  • 4-Color, spot, & foil debossing printing capabilities
  • Special coatings & material grades available
  • Artwork design services & support



Know what you're purchasing every step of the way.

Free 3D mockup

3d Mockups

We'll have one of our knitting experts create a Digital 3D Mockup to show you how your design will look.

Generic sock sample

Generic Sample

We'll send you a sample of a similar product we've made, free of charge (shipping excl.), so you can see for yourself.

Pre-production sock sample

Pre-Production Sample

At your request, we'll deliver a physical pre-production sample of your design ($150 deposit required).