Socks a Perfect Fit for the Tech Industry

Long before colorful socks emerged as a trendy fashion accessory for men, the geek/nerd subculture had already embraced them as a fashion staple. Nowhere is this more evident than in Silicon Valley, the mecca of the technology industry, where even the big tech giants like Google and Facebook use them as giveaways. Why have colorful and highly visible socks garnered quite the adoration amongst the often shy subculture?

In 2012, The New York Times actually wrote about the popularity of vividly colored socks in the tech industry. One of the reasons given was that they were a way for tech entrepreneurs to liven up their otherwise vanilla attire. Another argument is that flashy socks reflect the attitude tech workers have about the technology they create: usefulness is the primary concern but design is almost as important.

But perhaps the most compelling argument comes from science—as a survival mechanism, humans have evolved to use appearance as a way to band together. The New York Times article even concluded that “wearing flashy socks is more than an expression of your personality. It signals that you are part of the in crowd. It’s like a secret handshake for those who have arrived, and for those who want to.”

So if you're looking to market and distribute promotional products to the tech industry, why not utilize the “secret handshake?” Give your tech clients, prospects, and employees the opportunity to feel connected to their people.

Tech companies can use custom dress socks for a variety of promotional efforts, such as:

  • Employee, customer, and vendor gifts
  • Giveaways at job fairs or trade shows
  • Celebrating milestones, such as the latest version of a company’s software
  • Giveaways for training and team building events

Members of the tech industry have always found ways to be different than the rest of corporate society. Their CEOs rarely wear suits or ties, and many believe they have a higher calling than just generating profits. And when they promote themselves, tech companies don’t necessarily want to use the same old standbys of t-shirts, pens, or calendars.


About the author

Sachin Patel has been designing socks for retailers, businesses, and promotional products distributors since 2010. His background in engineering and textiles is integral in streamlining production processes and developing detailed product specifications at EVERSOX, a worldwide supplier of custom socks.