Making the Pitch for Custom Socks

What makes a great promotional product?

  • Something that’s versatile and can appeal to a variety of potential clients
  • Something different but not so unique that it’s hard to convince companies to use as a promotional item
  • Something that can be purchased in large quantities relatively inexpensively but isn’t a cheap throwaway item

These are all attributes of custom socks. And if you’re a promotional products distributor looking for new ideas to offer clients, custom socks may be the answer.

Socks provide your clients an array of choices. Begin with the socks themselves:

  • Clients can choose from six lengths, including no-show, ankle, quarter, crew, mid-calf and knee
  • Styles range from custom dress socks to casual crew and knee socks
  • Your clients can choose among more than 1000 yarn colors, with pantone matching and specialty yarns available

Custom socks also provide the company or organization two opportunities to reach their intended audience. One is the socks themselves. But they can also use custom packaging for the socks to reinforce their brand. The two popular options for custom packaging include:

  • Band labels that wrap around the middle of each folded pair of socks and printed on cardstock
  • Sock tags that fold over the cuff of the sock and printed on cardstock

For you the distributor, socks may be a viable option for many of your clients. PPAI lists the top 10 buyers of promotional products by sector in its Fact Book. Below is an idea of how each segment in the top 10 can use custom made socks in their promotional efforts:

  1. Education: Colleges and universities can encourage school spirit by giving socks with their name and logo to new students and/or selling them in the campus store.
  2. Financial: Banks and credit unions can give a nice pair of branded socks, amongst other items in a gift bag, to clients who open new accounts.
  3. Health Care: Branded socks are a great way to welcome new employees or cheer up patients.
  4. Not-for-Profit: Nonprofits can thank donors with a pair of custom crew socks or use them as a fundraising tool.
  5. Construction: Companies can hand out branded socks at trade shows and recruitment fairs.
  6. Government: Political candidates can supplement their bumper stickers and yard signs with pairs of branded socks.
  7. Trade, Professional Associations and Civic Clubs: What better way to display your membership in an organization than with a pair of comfortable custom socks.
  8. Real Estate: Agents can give branded socks to new clients and prospects.
  9. Automotive: Many companies in the automotive industry have uniforms that can be enhanced with branded socks for employees.
  10. Professional: Doctors, Lawyers, CPAs, Architects, etc: Socks have many applications in marketing and branding, from gifts to employees, vendors, and clients to hand-outs at job fairs and trade shows.


About the author

EVERSOX is a worldwide supplier of custom branded socks for businesses, retailers, and promotional products distributors — with over 10,000 designs manufactured & 100 major brands served since 2010.