Ideas for Creating Festive Holiday Socks

You love the holiday season. The songs put you in a festive mood. The food and the parties provide a nice diversion from the monotony of the rest of the year. Giving, reflecting, and spending time with family make the holiday season a favorite of many.

Then there are the clothes. The holiday season is that special time of year when more people break from their routines and put on bright colors and ornate patterns.

This is especially true of socks. Holiday stockings are not just for hanging over the fireplace, they can also be worn to work, school, and to those festive gatherings.

If your organization doesn’t already have holiday socks for your employees and clients to show off, it’s time to consider adding some festive custom socks to your corporate gift giving. Here are three design ideas:

Give your holiday socks the Christmas sweater treatment. Christmas sweaters are notorious for their outlandish designs and colors. Who says you can’t design a pair of garish socks to show your holiday spirit? You can be as creative and spirited with custom-designed holiday socks. Spare no combination of festive colors and symbols as you adorn your feet with the spirt of the season.

Commemorate this holiday season. Is this your 10th holiday season as a company? Or maybe your organization’s annual Christmas party? Perhaps the socks are for your best clients. Give everybody a custom pair of your own limited edition festive socks.

Design socks for all seasons. Why go through the trouble of designing a stylish pair of custom dress socks only to wear them one month out of the year? Because colorful socks are mainstream, even your custom holiday socks can be worn year-round. Use festive fall colors, or solid bright red and/or green in a funky sock pattern. Leave off the snowmen, candy canes and Christmas trees from your design and those holiday socks become a pair for all seasons.


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