Cotton Is King When It Comes to Socks

Socks have a tough job. They get stretched, walked on, and washed a lot. They often cover feet that sweat and rub against harsher fabrics inside shoes. And their owners demand comfort and attractiveness.

Given these tasks, you’d be hard pressed to find a sock material that’s capable of delivering on all of these demands better than cotton. Even against modern synthetic materials, the undisputed king of sock materials is cotton.

Cotton is the most commonly used plant fiber in socks and is known for its natural feel. Here are five reasons why cotton is the fabric of choice for socks, especially custom socks:

It’s durable. Your feet take a daily beating worse than any other body part. Therefore, you need socks that can absorb that punishment. Cotton has a high tensile strength and performs well in a knitted structure while being stretched or pulled. Cotton is even stronger when wet, so it can withstand multiple trips through the washing machine.

It’s comfortable. Cotton fabric is soft to the touch and acts as an insulation, keeping your feet warm when the temperature drops.

It controls moisture. Cotton fabric is breathable. Therefore, it is able to keep skin dry and comfortable during normal everyday use.

It doesn’t cling. Have you lost a sock in the wash, only to find it stuck to the back of a shirt? That doesn’t happen with cotton socks. Since cotton doesn’t hold an electric charge well, it does not cause static cling.

It’s hypoallergenic. Because it’s a natural fiber, cotton rarely causes allergic reactions or skin irritation. That’s why it’s the most used fabric for things like bandages, baby clothes, and of course, socks.


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