Colorful Dress Socks and the New Age of Individuality

When former President George W. Bush dedicated his presidential library in 2013, the most talked about part of the ceremony wasn’t the speeches or the rare gathering of five living commanders-in-chief. What received the most buzz was a pair of socks.

Nobody could take their eyes off the bright pink power socks Bush’s father, George H.W. Bush, sported under his conventional gray suit and black dress shoes.

Welcome to the new age of individuality, when even a 90-year-old former president chooses to flaunt his nonconformity. And one way we’re expressing our personalities is by donning dress socks with colors and styles as unique as the individuals wearing them.

Traditionally, socks blended into one’s attire. They were more utilitarian than a fashion statement, designed solely (no pun intended) to insulate and protect feet from the friction of shoes. The rule of thumb was that socks should match the color of slacks—predominantly in shades of black, navy blue, or brown. Sock patterns were subtle at best.

Colorful custom dress socks, like the ones EVERSOX manufactures for various designers and businesses around the world, are now a highly sought after accessory and welcomed gift. They reveal personality without being audacious. They express style without being gaudy. As one fashion writer explained, “The business suit with colored socks is a look that says ‘Yes, I know the rules, and I’m confident enough and care enough about how I look to break it anyway, because it’s more fun for me. Deal with it.’”

In accordance with the changing times, EVERSOX has found that many younger companies and organizations and do not view colored socks as rule-breaking, and instead, embrace and encourage individuality. They find it leads to more creativity and better ideas from their employees. That’s why the corporate staples of old, such as dress codes and work schedules, have loosened considerably in recent years.

So why not tell your employees, customers, and vendors how unique you are, and more importantly, how unique they are? Promote your brand or give a quality gift pair with your custom design on it. In a simple gesture, you will be encouraging individuality, expression and creativity.


About the author

Sachin Patel has been designing socks for retailers, businesses, and promotional products distributors since 2010. His background in engineering and textiles is integral in streamlining production processes and developing detailed product specifications at EVERSOX, a worldwide supplier of custom socks.