Basic Tips for Corporate Gift Giving

Many of our customers take the time to think of the perfect corporate gift before choosing our custom dress socks. For those that are still trying to decide, here are a few universal tips for corporate gift giving.

Whether it’s aimed at employees, clients, or vendors, the principals of corporate gift giving are not that much different than those between friends and families.

A corporate gift may not be as personal, but it should communicate appreciation to the recipient. It should serve as an opportunity to build and/or strengthen relationships. Here are several ways you can ensure that occurs with your next company gift.

Put yourself in the recipients’ shoes. If you wouldn’t appreciate being on the receiving end of the gift you’re considering, then neither will they. The gift should be something a recipient will enjoy and/or get use from. Stay away from useless trinkets that will eventually be stuffed in a box or thrown away.

Stay away from common items. Coffee mugs are useful, but people who actually drink coffee likely have dozens of mugs already; the one you give will just be clutter. The same goes for pens, clocks, and tote bags. Take time to research uncommon and trendy items that may be popular with those on your gift list.

Quality matters. Not only are you communicating appreciation, but corporate gift-giving can also reflect your brand’s reputation. Gifts that are well-made and designed will reinforce a strong corporate brand, while cheap items can potentially damage your image.

Be appropriate. If you don’t know much about whom you’re giving a gift to, or are giving to many, avoid items that people could take offense to. If handing out gifts to employees, stick to an item that everyone uses.

Packaging and presentation matter. Even if you don’t spend a high-dollar amount, you can communicate the value you place on the recipient by how it’s presented. Take the time to neatly wrap the gift and include a handwritten note whenever possible. Another personal touch is to include custom-printed packaging with a special message or a meaningful design.


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